My nipples are cracked and bleeding. What should I do?

If nipples are cracked or bleeding, follow the steps below for sore nipples, but use breast shells to keep the skin from pulling away when you change bra pads. A little blood won't hurt the baby because breast milk is blood product. A new product is now available that had been used to treat burn victims in the past. These Comfortgel pads are extremely helpful in healing wounded nipples.

Early onset of nipple soreness can be due to a number of things. Poor positioning, poor latch-on, not breaking the suction properly, bras and pads that aren't cotton or changed infrequently, or bad breast pumps. Make sure that the baby's ear, shoulder, and hips are aligned. Make sure the baby has 1 - 1 1/2" of the areola in his/her mouth. Make sure you break the suction when you take the baby off the breast by releasing the seal with your finger. Keep the baby from slipping down by supporting the breast during the entire feeding. Use a firm pillow or nursing pillow to the baby's body from becoming too heavy to hold. Air dry the nipples after each feeding. Use expressed milk or hospital grade lanolin sparingly on sore spots. Comfortgel pads can also be used to speed healing. Use only 100% cotton or paper, breathable nursing pads and change them frequently. Nipples may still be uncomfortable for a few seconds after latch-on, but they should be getting better daily.

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