When nursing, how am I supose to position my baby?

To position baby at the breast make sure that the baby's body is turned in to mother. For example, in the cradle hold, the baby would be tummy to tummy with mom so that he/she doesn't have to turn his/her head to swallow. The baby's ear, shoulder, and hips should be in a straight line. Use a pillow and stool to make sure baby is at breast level.

Latch On

The first step to a proper latch on is getting baby to open WIDE! Brush baby's lips with your nipple to encourage him to open wide, as if yawning.
Once baby's mouth is open wide, quickly pull him onto the breast by pulling the baby toward you with the arm that is holding him. Make sure you move the baby towards you, and not move yourself towards the baby.

The baby's gums should completely bypass the nipple and cover approximately one inch of the areola behind the nipple. Make sure the baby's lips are everted. Some baby's will tighten or purse their lips, especially the lower one. If the lower lip is inverted (turned in), try simply pressing down on baby's chin to evert the inwardly turned lip.
Correct latch-on. Note how the baby's lips are correctly everted, and the mouth is open wide. Also notice how much breast tissue has been taken in, almost the entire areola is in the baby's mouth.

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